Peer Action Collective

By Peter Babudu | August 17, 2022

As Director of Impact at the Youth Endowment Fund, I have been responsible for the setup and delivery of the Peer Action Collective, or PAC. PAC is a national network of young people, most who have been affected by youth violence. PAC is about putting young people in the lead in researching and understanding the…

Stop the ethnic pay gap

By Peter Babudu | August 17, 2022

As reported in the Southwark News I recently challenged the Council on its bad and growing ethnic pay gap. Pay gap reporting is so important because it helps you see when things are going wrong. I applaud the Council’s transparency on its shocking 14.7% ethnic pay gap, but now we need to fix it. Based…

A right to food

By Peter Babudu | August 17, 2022

Some 11m people in the UK suffer from food poverty, a direct result of political choices made as our most vulnerable citizens are subjected to 12 years of austerity. This does not need to be the case. Things were very different when Labour were in Government from 1997-2010; food poverty rates fell 1.1 million. The…